Blueprint For Change

A nation comprises its citizens and every citizen contributes in the making of his nation. If we look around us, we will find the monstrous problems are taking birth in our home only. Inhibit them from breathing free and strangle these devils to make ourselves and our nation breathe free.

Time: 5:00 a.m.

"Sneha! wake up.", calls her mother," Water is about to come. Get ready with the pitcher -pot."
She groggily walks out of her bed. Eyes are still half -closed or say half- open. Sprinkles cold water on her face to shake off the clinged lethargy. Hustles through the morning chores- filling water, preparing morning tea, collecting news-paper, getting herself ready for the coaching classes.

Time: 5:45 a.m.

"Ok I'm leaving for classes. Bye!", says sneha pedaling the cycle to her way.
On the way...
Whistles.. Whistles..Whistles ... as she crosses the Thadi ( small tea-shop by the roadside). She seems to be deaf stone and makes fast on her way.
Aligning her cycle amidst the scooties and bikes, she runs for her class.

Time: 6:00 a.m.

"Today the Director will take the class and tell you about the admission process and various pinnacle institutes you should apply to as per your scores.", announced  the madam.

"You should work smart rather than hard to reserve your seat in the much coveted institutes. Everything depends on your D-day performance. Keep yourself cool and maximise your score. Also this year the tution fees has got a hike and is likely to crawl upwards in the next coming years also. So grab your seat now itself to avoid any financial hinderance.", the director was talking of some success stories and then ended up motivating the students to give their best.

But Sneha was left more of baffled.
"This time if 'm not gonna make through then 'm completely out of the scene. Moreover the hike has exacerbated our condition. Wasn't born General enough of a mistake???", bemoaned Sneha to her friend.

"Seriously yaar. This reservation and hike is gonna take toll on middle class", quipped her friend.
"Lucky you, a ST plus brainy-girl.", said Sneha.
"So are you, Miss Gen.", retorted her friend.

Lost in her future, Sneha made her way back to home.

Time: 7:00 a.m.

As she again passed by the Thadi, the whistles brought her back to the city. This time she wanted to
give a stern look but feared of being the next Nirbhaya ( Delhi rape 2012 victim). Ignoring the Roadside Romeos she pedalled fast to reach home.

"Wake up Raj", mother was calling from the kitchen.
Sneha walked in and found her brother still enjoying the warmth of quilt. She placed her frigid cold palms on his face. He shrieked and threw the pillow on her. She coldly walked out to help mother in preparing their lunch-boxes.

Grabbing her breakfast in one hand, turning the newspaper with other, she drank the milk ( a day-old milk) and handed the newspaper to father. She was also required to broom the floor to ease her mother's work. And she often did that without complaining. She found herself accustomed to this routine since years and now she had become a deft lady at all the chores.

Time: 7:30 a.m.

Raj was ready for the school and was blowing horn calling for Sneha.
"Today it's my turn", winked Sneha pointing to the scooty.
"Fine. Will give you at the turn else you will be scolded by papa", said Raj.
She rode pillion till the next crossover.
There Raj handed her the vehicle with the word of advice, " Stop in front of the Mishra stationery. From ther I'll take over. I don't wanna my friends mocking at me for being a pillion to you."

She nodded in agreement and rode her allotted path.

Time: 8:00 a.m.

"Today our school will be demonstrating against the government at Delhi gate seeking justice for the rape victim and asking for women safety", announced the principal.

"Wow!!! No classes for today. A piping hang-out", exclaimed her classmate.
"Ssshhh.", Sneha gestured.

The class assembled to make placards and nominate the leaders behind whom the students will march.

"So, everyone gear up. We are about to leave", announced the class-teacher.
"Sneha and Varun will lead XII-'C' and all of you should stay together. No here and there wanderings", instructed the teacher.

They all left for the school bus.
On the way a classmate poked Sneha," Stay together. Abide by the instructions."
She got her meaning and countered back," You better follow me."

At the India Gate there were several other schools demanding justice. The students dispersed under their leaders and began their shouting and clamouring.

"Look !they are so beautiful. Our school has got all of the trash. Poor we", accounted a boy to Varun.
"Are you here to dig your future??", asked Varun.
"Oh c'mmon, never lose an opportunity to hit right. Who knows she may be mine tomorrow", winked the boy.
" Shut-up. Put aside your eros atleast here", fumed Varun.
"Oh!! Chill man. I haven't raped her. You are seething for no reason", justified the boy.
"You better hold these placards or get back", warned Varun.

"Heck!! How dark she has slathered her eyes. Catch-Media eye -hungry girl", said Sneha's colleague.
"Are you here to take note of the fashion trends??", asked Sneha.
"She is here just to get the camera on her, I bet", said the girl.
"Disgusting", Sneha added her voice to the protest.

Time: 3:00 p.m.

The students had returned back to school and soon the bell rang.
"I'm waiting here for past five minutes", said Raj.
Sneha said nothing and sat on the back seat.
"So today you and Varun were the leaders. How went all?? ", asked Raj.
"Disgusting. People just show to be concerned with the tragedy when they are actually concerned with themselves more", said Sneha.
"Well, our class response was nice. And yes, we got eyes on some chicks too until Mr. Pandya packed up the scene",laughed Raj.
"It seems funny to you. You were there to see chicks. What makes you different from those rapists??", fumed Sneha.
"W**, you see me as a culprit", countered Raj.
"You need to be empathetic rather than sympathetic. Don't mess with me",Sneha blurted.

They had reached home.

"Take care of your Jhansi ki Rani", cried Raj to mother.
"What happened?", mother enquired.
"Your daughter was at India Gate today",said Raj.
"So was your son",came Sneha's reply.
"I have asked you guys not to go there. Situation is tense. Lathi-charge can bring you to bed", said their mother.

Sneha went to her room and wetted her pillow. She was pierced at the modern world outlook.

Raj left for his coaching on his scooty.

Time: 4:00 p.m.

"Mumma! I'm going to RTO office to get papa's licence renewed",said Sneha.
She reached the office and employed her form at one of the many shops in front of the office who promise to ease your work and get you the licence at the earliest.

Time: 5:00 p.m.

"Sneha! Beta get some vegetables. What will I cook today?", said her mother.
"I'm having a test tomorrow. Call up Raj to get some on his way back",said Sneha.
"Oh!! he won't get time. You study a little bit later",ordered her mother.
Sneha went to the grocery shop and bought some vegetables.

Time: 6:00 p.m.

"Hey!", tickled Raj. He was back from his class.
"Don't disturb. I'm studying", Sneha was irritated.

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Raj left for his yet another class. Gym class.

"Come up and help me", called the mother.
"Coming",Sneha closed her books and went to help mom in the dinner preparation.

Time: 9:00 p.m.

After the dinner and a little bit of T.V. everyone was back to their room.
Sneha signed into her Facebook account. Checked how many likes she got for her new profile pic.

Hush!! Only 75. Last one got over 100+ likes.
She changed her profile pic with bright colours this time.

Came Varun's like and a prompt comment, " Beautiful".

Then she updated her staus as " Shameful!!! Head hung low at India Gate. Stand up for a change."
Comments started pouring in.
Well done.
You too went for the protest??
Feeling pity for the nation.
Girls should be respected.
and a few more until she signed off .


1. Girls are still treated as a household creature .
Sneha was asked to do morning chores and evening too. And she never resisted.Raj was authorized to take scooty but Sneha wasn't.

2. Corruption
Sneha enrolls at the dealer-shop for licence renewal to ease her work. She is ready to pay but not to work.

3. Oral rape of our tradition.
W** uttered by Raj.

4. Costly education getting out of reach of the middle class.
Sneha is afraid of being left empty-handed at being a General and suspects if her family would let her go to the top institutes or she would have to satiate with an average institute.
Mind you- here brain doesn't matter. Only matters is your luck.

5. Self obsessed Creatures.
Everything seems to have shrunk to the virtual world of Facebook. When we are not aware of our neighbours but are interested more in the added friends.


'We'are the solution. Five problems, one solution.
Change yourself.
Awaken your soul.
Refresh your thought process.
Remove the mind blockages.
Welcome a whole new world.

Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi
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  1. Surbhi....What can I are just too good...
    All issues conveyed in a simple, realistic short story. :)
    True: Girls still do household chores and the whistling in the streets. Everyone obssessed with themselves. These are some realistic examples you have thrown light on. I must say that I was guilty when I read this *"It seems funny to you. You were there to see chicks. What makes you different from those rapists??", fumed Sneha.* I ain't going to argue with that. Zipping my mouth. :)
    Brilliant. Keep up the work. Check out my link too!:

    1. What made you feel guilty?? Let me know.
      As i wrote this story in the last hours I hastened to wrap up many points. I wanted to depict that though we say we live in 21st century,we have moved ahead of our old mind blocks,we treat our daughters as equal as our son, we respect every religion, we are more aware of our rights, we are more concerned with our brethren. But hault, look inside and ask yourself have we really moved ahead??

    2. I thought you would know what made me feel guilty...Guys check out girls including me....that's what I meant.... :)
      Definitely true....we have not...Only science and technology has grown...with it we have degraded...

    3. Oh!! :'(
      Please be the change to see the change.

  2. Hey...I have nominated you for the liebster award. Congrats!! :)


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