Monday, February 28, 2011


The road to woods
Led to the moon
Stayed a Blonde
Looking for a mound

The white spread
Coverting all the white
Might the silver gleam

Sighted him bleak
Lost was his life
In the cloth of white
Eyes grew red
But none befriended

Gazing at the white disk
Up in the mist
Laid his Miss
Against his wish

Nymph cried
Seeing him grey
Blew hard the winds
Rained heavily the clouds
The havoc played well

Lost in her
Sitting over the mound
Was oblivious to the roar

Saw then her
Amidst the roaring water
Paying no heed to the screech
Paced towards the white gleam
Sleekly embraced her
Now and forever

Keeping the promise
She graced him white
Bracing him tight
Got lost in the woods
Tinging white with the woods.


  1. Going very versatile, you composed a heavy & adhesive elegy here....
    the laminent touched the maximum depth of grieve....:'(
    but dont worry becuse the love between them will be always immortal....:)

  2. love pervades through all the barriers . It just requires to be eternal and true..:-)

  3. yet another stuntin trial
    did preety well

    u used the nature wisely

    and ofcose light will surely cum and will show the path to moon through wood
    as u said a Lamp can do it


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