Tuesday, March 15, 2011


She is to enter this world
Hearing these words
His joy knew no bounds
Felt short of the loud
Tossing high the key
Bent down the knees
Oh! Almighty!!
Thanx for the sparkle
Promise you to sprinkle
Till my wrinkles
My love and care
Over her hair.

The fragrance of her innocence
Blew over the lane.
Freezing the air
Freezed every action
Of hers with a click
To turn up someday in a flick.

She tried to utter
He helped her
And finally "PAA"
Eyes brimmed
Embraced her
Clasped her
Stared at her
Lovely!! Exulted!! Rejoiced!!
Once more sweet heart
What a soothe!!
Once more dear..

O' my Angel
It sounds so sweet
"Coming from the lips of an Angel
Hearing those words
It makes me weak".

You are my life
You are my laugh
My wings to fly
My licks to sly
Wish we never move on
Sticking to these more and more
For now and then
You are my Angel
Promise me you 'll never move on
From the lips of yours
My Angel!!


We have heard so much of love. Born as a child, mother's love seemed to be eternal. As we step on the threshold of the outside world, father's shade soothes us. Getting caught up with the collegista, freinds lend their hand.
A bit later someone special is meant to reign all over our abducted soul. Burning to ashes, our memories are cherished.

Love gives you a new birth everytime. Love is painful but the pain is certainly a blessing. When the heart falls into a relationship, it is certainly hurted even by the minutest pain of the other heart in symbiosis. If you avoid the pain, you are certainly avoiding the another heart of yours. Love teaches you to stand erect and become vertical over this land.

A general misconception says that spurned love shatters you completely. But love shatters the crest of your ego though the centre of the ego remains intact. The more you are in love , the more your heart cries but the pain it brings is a blessing in disguise.

The human relationship is limited. But love opens the door of possibility. Think!! if it can happen so much in a human relationship, how much more can happen in a relationship with the DIVINE??? And that is what exactly the prayers and meditation bring forth.

Love is a training ground, a school, to learn that pain is blessed. So, when you are in love , cooperate with it, don't try resisting. As I look around, people seem to make a compromise . The lovers by and by come to a compromise : You don't hurt me, I'll not hurt you. But a few know that when pain disappears ,the love also vanishes.

When you are in love, it hurts. It terribly hurts. But never resist , never create any barrier for the pain. Let it penetrate you deeper and deeper. By the time you will realize that it was a wrong interpretation. It is not really pain but something which is going so deep in you and trying to get rooted firmly. The roots get so well caught in the deep that it causes a bit pain.

Don't use the word "PAIN". When love and love's arrow goes deep into your heart, close your eyes and feel it. Don't use words to express it.
You will see it is a benediction. You will be tremendously moved by it and feel joyous. Don't lean against any word, any language. Just allow a deep look to this new happening and cherish it. An unspoken truth of love and its pain will bless you . :-)