Monday, March 26, 2012


As the clock ticks 8'o clock in the night, my mind is hit hard by the alarm to take up my daily rendezvous. The legs chase forward, the hands peer backward for cell and headphone,while the torso feels vexed to follow what? the hands? or the legs? and keeps swaying struggling hard with its inertia at rest.
In a trice the whole body assembles and reports to the brain, "Yes Boss! I'am ready to move ahead." I climb upstairs in haste , unlock the door and there I reach, my utopia. the eyelids elegantly flutter upwards followed by the eye-balls. The neck cranes out to reach the most enthralling twinkling constellation THE ORION.

It seems as if the little glitters daily wait for me to start their twinkle show. So we all gather daily on the terrace and a grand show is organised over the vault of heaven. Every night after dinner I love to stroll with these distant yet close friends. It's simply a spell bound period. I'm felling short of words to describe the everyday charisma of this magic.

The verse I learnt in the days of my primary  will become the verse of my teens, I didn't know.
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
How I wonder what you are?
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky.

Yes !! I still wonder what are you Orion?? A meagre collection of the stars or my soothing SF( Silent Friend).When I was a kid, I was told people after dying become a star and everynight they come to wish you. As of now at this stage you may find it ludicrous how stupid thought it was. But I still live with this belief. I thank-you Orion for sheltering my NANU so comfortably. I still feel close to him as if he had never gone away. The bright yellow flames engulfed him yet the darkness gifted him back to me.

The dark opera house spreads its peace and calmness every night.The stars peep out from their windows as if saying HELLO to us, the earthites. The cold breeze wave past the silhouette of the visage flushing away all the weariness, tiredness of the day-long hectic schedule. Ahh!!! this wonderful gift of night pleases me extremely. I eagerly wait everyday for the night to fall, for the Orion to come, For the zephyr to stir away the eeriness of this darkness.

At times I feel God has made a perfect schedule for the earth to spin on its own axis and make us feel the magic of day and night. Often when I have no one to share the stupid laugh at some odd happening of the day, I feel my Orion the best companion to join me and go wild with bonkers. And sometimes when I feel like crying hard because of some lacerated happenings, my Orion lends me his shoulder to weep. I'm lucky to explore this beautiful present of nature. Ecstatic to find a friend who never complains ,just make me realize my mistake by gleaming down, a buddy who lauds at my good work and smile from above, a trustworthy companion who never leaks out my secrets, a true pal who never leaves me alone and always assist me in my pink and greys. Just three words for you Orion to express my gratitude: BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.

When Orion rises, night feigns the brightness of day and folds its dusky wings. :):)


  1. True this beautiful small things give us so much hapines evn in our grey times
    i remember i used to laugh alot wenevr i see tomatoes.........:P

  2. But orion doesn't like tomatoes :P :P

  3. n00000
    orion n tomato are bst frnz u jst said dat.......:P

  4. n00000
    orion n tomato are bst frnz u jst said dat.......:P


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