Friday, May 18, 2012


I'm a butterfly.
Pleasance to see,
But hard to get hold of.
Sitting on a flower,
I spread its pollens,
Then leave it to
Scatter others' spores.

One day a flower befriended me nice
I repaid him in a trice.
But then I had to leave after the season.
I begged his pardon,,
Dont frown at me ever
For once I helped you to flourish
Getting you nourished
To open your pretty petals
And bloom through the sepals.

I owe a debt to you
For colouring my wings blue.

Albeit this is the end of we being together,
I bet to remember you forever.
For I have to fly a distance
To spread your fragrance,
Let me spread my wings
With you as my fragrance.

Forgive me for leaving you alone
But I promise to  strew your pollens into every calyx.
The place will have plethora of your replicas,
Standing erect to bloom into floras.
I will flutter sly,
Whenever I will pass by.
Seeing a glimpse of you in each of them,
This is my friendship to you my friend.

:) :) :)


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