Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Do you wanna go fuse?
Lets get boozed.
Do you wanna noose?
Lets go loose.
Oh Boy! shake with me.
Oh Girl ! move with me.
Lets get lost in the boozed world.
Out from every worry
No need to hurry.
Sit here and cheer with me
Hey! give us a peg wee.
Keep aside your contemporary SANSKAAR
Trying once won't make you LACHAAR.
Not like the maths formulae,
Which needs revision twice a day.
It's like the exam  a day,
Which needs just a shot today.
Common! Booze with me
Just once for me
You will feel glee.

Some events mark their presence annually which urges everyone to go mad into celebration. Be it the birthday or the new year party. Be it the marriage or a chill-out party. Friends who are tagged as the fun-elements sometimes turn out to be so adamant and bossy that they indulge someone decent into their indecent acts.

The aforementioned verse might be the words of your best pal or your dear one trying to convince you to booze just once. But resist the temptation. Abstain yourself from this rich yet poor thing. I read somewhere, "Every cheap thing lures the customers and the three famous 'W' s are the most alluring bait.(Wine, wealth and women)".
Yes! Wine may cost a good bucks but proves cheap for the liver.

The episode of nation- wide acclaimed show, SATYAMEV JAYATE on 1July brought this issue in light. This issue was also raised by a news channel recently. The rising craze of rave parties is setting decoy for youth to get into the booze-trap.

The irony of the hour is the most educated section of society is indulged in such illiterate activities. When deliberately a person axes his foot , who is more stupid than him? Giving the name of one time fun to tipple may turn out to be a life time penalty. The consumption of alcohol not only closes the pores of your skin and your excretory channel but it also abandons your brain.Once consumed the brain asks for more and more until the body forbids to function. This is the tendency of alcohol. It's thirst never quenches and consequently it dries out everything from relations to status, from health to wealth.

Javed Akhtar, famous Indian lyricist, once an alcoholist now abstains from this 'W' since 14 years said on the show, "People call me intellect but if I was really so then why did I take 20 years to elude this disease?"

This is the most serious ill-effect of this wine that it spares no one. The richest may become poor and the wisest may sound insane. Abstain from this evil otherwise it will abstain you from you.

Many of my friends, boys as well as girls are found saying, " Oh! I did it just for fun. I too want to feel how actually my world goes round and round. Moreover I'm not addicted. Be sporty. You too try and run a risk." I go bewilder whether one time shot may turn a newbie into an addicted?? Perhaps No. But the show depicted the case of a well- known journalist who came down to streets just because of this 'W'.

Life is a one time opportunity ,so why to waste even a bit of it trying something offensive and hazardous. The youth should behave sensibly and should shoulder the resposibility of curbing this evil from the society and bring down the growing statistics of accidents because of alcohol consumption. Even your one time act may take life of someone like CURRAN , a 15 years old Delhi school boy who lost his breath because of a 'W'-addicted. Look at his father weeping endlessly lamenting over the loss of his only child. Don't become the reason of anyone's tears cursing you till the death. Understand your role in the society and abide by the moral duties.

I dont find it effective to rely over the laws for ruling out some stringent laws to put a check over your habits. Are you so insane and irresponsible that now you need some law to resist such tipple drinks? Stand up and take a vow to fight against your malefic habit. It will not only replenish your life with innumerable smiles but also will take care of others' smiles.

:) :) :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012


When my dreams come true,
It washes away my blue.
Drenches me wet,
Draining away the vex.
Nests a smile,
For a long long while.
Bearing sweet fruits,
To my sleepless endeavours.
Quenches my thirst,
In this competitive desert.
They say I was destined for it,
But I say my efforts won me my destiny.

"This is how a day dreamer reels."
My castle broke when I stood awoke.
They had striked the chord within me.
Not at all perturbed by the honk,
Instead thankful to their plonk.
'M all geared up with the steel
You will be there to clap for me,
When my dreams will come true,
Dawning the blue upon you.
Was all I said before
I turned around to embrace the best.