Sunday, July 1, 2012


When my dreams come true,
It washes away my blue.
Drenches me wet,
Draining away the vex.
Nests a smile,
For a long long while.
Bearing sweet fruits,
To my sleepless endeavours.
Quenches my thirst,
In this competitive desert.
They say I was destined for it,
But I say my efforts won me my destiny.

"This is how a day dreamer reels."
My castle broke when I stood awoke.
They had striked the chord within me.
Not at all perturbed by the honk,
Instead thankful to their plonk.
'M all geared up with the steel
You will be there to clap for me,
When my dreams will come true,
Dawning the blue upon you.
Was all I said before
I turned around to embrace the best.



  1. Hi surbhi,

    You write beautiful poetry. Keep it up. :)
    "They say I was destined for it." Thought provoking lines. :)


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  2. Thank-you Jay. Your sanitarium satiates the blogger's appetite well. Kudos !!! :)

  3. that's a lovely poem! enjoyed the read!


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