Saturday, February 16, 2013

Housing the Gene of Happiness

             "I'm born happy. No one can snatch away this indigenous gift from me."
Say these words aloud again and again and each time you say associate yourself more and more with the eternal feeling of happiness and realize that Yes!! you are authorized to live happy just like all other happy fellas.
Well!!! it's easy to say but hard to do. But then nothing exists on this earth which is beyond your potential. Just as you breathe sometimes deliberately while often unintentionally. The same way start taking a daily dose of Happiness and house it in the deepest of you. So that you can transfer it to your next generations too. Develop a happy gene, treasure it and pass it to your generation. You will be eventually called as HAPPY PEOPLE, the most sought after tag which most of the people take years, sometimes even the whole of their life to earn. Some are titled Happy while some die Unhappy.
You must have seen people who are happy always irrespective of the circumstances. Damn! the only thing which makes you feel up and down. They dont bother about situations- whether they are endowed with prosperity or poverty, whether they are materially successful or not, whether they have a family or not, whether they are being loved or not, whether they are healthy or ailing. They just know that they are born happy.
These iffy circumstances just cant take them off from their Happy path. Have you ever given a thought ? What is the secret to their Happiness??
Everyone chases happiness in some forms- some see happiness in money, some find it in attaining their goal, some find it in satisfying the family needs, some feel it in their better halves.
Stop chasing happiness. Rather carry this Happy gene within you and let Happiness chase you.

I'm no sage to preach you fellas. You all are more insightful than me. But sometimes we get carried away by damn! circumstances and we forget that we are born happy. Here's a little of my ponder-pool which I realized and now I can say I'm dominated by Happy gene. ( May be someday I too get suppressed by the nasty unhappy gene but I'm pretty sure I'll turn back a few pages and kick out the unhappy gene.)

Here goes my two cents.

Each one of us ride the MOOD-swing. Sometimes too high in the air of exuberance and sometimes too low in the dust of melancholy. Dear! hold this swing and enjoy smoothly. Don't let it run butterflies in your stomach. Ride gracefully, dominate this MOOD-swing and you decide where you have to take the swing. Don't allow the swing to take you wherever it wishes. Once you get hold of the Mood-swing, nothing in this world can drive you unhappy.

 Now there must be a question arising HOW?? So here comes the answer.

 Stop attaching yourself personally with everything going around you. Don't take it as, ' why life ditches me everytime?' Oh! cummon! Open your eyes dear! There was someone who faced the same problem before you. There was someone who lost the job, there was someone who was dumped by his love, there was someone who was slapped by his manager, there was someone who was assaulted by the in-laws, there was someone who flunked the exam, there was someone who was denied the business deal, there was someone who was wronged, there was someone who was looted, there was someone who met an accident, there was someone who lost his parents, there was someone who suffered the lethal disease. ( I had already mentioned here how people get carried away by unhappy gene for some trivial issues.)
You are not Adam or Eve, the first-born on this earth left to face all the troubles. Billions, trillions have lived before you, faced the challenges before you and emerged as winners before you. You are facing nothing new. It's often a relief to know someone who is caught up in the same situation as we are in. So take a deep breath dear! Everyone is offered his share of problems and so are you. You have to deal with them either with smile on your lips or tears in your eyes. When it is destined you have to pass through the agony- trench then why not to walk happily?? Choice is yours my dear!!!

 Nothing on this earth is permanent. So stop brooding over your current Unhappy status. It is sure the coin will flip, the spring will come , the birds will chirrup, and you will win. So enjoy the life at every stage. Your failures will not be accounted if you welcome them with a smile. House the sporty spirit in your soul. Play with each of the problem and I'm sure you will court the ball. Let the circumstances hit you, hit you hard. But you dont kneel. Keep moving, keep going and the nasty circumstance will succumb.
Trust me fellas! You are born to win!!! You are born happy!!! You are precious my dear!!!!

Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi


  1. Wonderful post.... I cant think of what to comment. you have covered what i think :P

    Everyone is born happy, one just needs to look at his/her inner self.

    4 point solutions to a happy life -

    1. Nirodhi Kaya - a healthy body and soul
    2. Paas ho maya - you have got enough money to fullfil basic amenities in life.
    3. Satwanti naari - a wonderful spouse.
    4. Putra/putri adhikari -your progeny understand his/her responsibility in life

    1. I agree with you. But the foremost point is:
      Santoshi param sukhi- self contentment leads you to all sort of happiness.

  2. A good refreshing post! Lots of beautiful and inspirational lines...
    **It is sure the coin will flip, the spring will come , the birds will chirrup, and you will win**---liked this one!. I must stop attaching myself personally--you are correct! I do that a lot. What you have said is hard to follow, coz humans tend to brood over unhappy issues, but I will try!!.... Keep going surbhi!

    1. Yeah!!! I coined these words with my heart so they are my fvrt too. :)
      Well!!! I'll just say nothing is impossible :)

  3. i tried it and got i am happy subh


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