Sunday, March 24, 2013

Beautiful Ends

Every story has an ending
If it ends beautiful
The whole panorama is bliss
If it ends gloomy
The whole picturesque is grotesque
If it doesn’t end
Ahha! Then sit back to watch the end.

I too had a story
A beautiful story
With a to-be beautiful ending
But then what are villains meant for?
They barged into the story
To spoil my cast
To spoil my story.

Villain No-1 Sunshine
Life ain’t all sunshine and rainbows
But as the sun shone more
My story’s rainbow faded more and more
Dry and frizzy bowed the story
Leaving the ends in bits and splits.


Villain No. 2 Colour
Colours fill the black and white voids
Loving  the hues imbibing the pearlescent sparks
But colour became the colourful villain.
Stripping off the protective layer
It stripped off my shine
Dull and damaged appeared my story

Villain No.3 Cool Air
Gentle breeze wooing the wisps
Lovely romance curling tufts
Cooling air soothing the locks
Entwining the locks in tangled locks.

Villain No. 4 Stylo style
The trending trends framed my story
Funky and crooked wave gurgled round
Rounds and straights were pressed again and again.
The style isle irked my story.


Villain No. 5 Jinxy comb
Seen as a saviour
To unwind the tangled
When gets angry
Seethes in the puddle
All muddled with heavy strokes
Hovers my story as grey jinx.

5 Villains 1 Hero Dove
Every story has some cruel villains
Which demands for a shrewd hero
Aphrodite’s Dove came to rescue
With split end Rescue system
Ending my story with a beautiful end
The lovely strands
All thick and smooth
Braided into tails
Ended in a happy tale.

Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi

This post is the part of ‘Beautiful ends to your beautiful braids’. Contest by Dove Split Ends Rescue System in association with


  1. Wow, great composition. Villian no. 3 is the cutest !! Its cooling effect is mesmerising.

    1. Thanks Granny.:D Even I too like the third one most because I have to face it everyday. :P

  2. AWWWW!!! I loved it .. The idea, your writing.. everything. Its super cute and sassy specially the first Para \m/

    1. Your lovely words keep me going. :)
      I really admire your support. :x

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