Sunday, March 3, 2013

Little Girl with her Toy

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She woke up everyday
To welcome the sunshine.
She wanted to catch the
Crimson scarlet light in
Her tiny glass box
So that when night falls
And darkness scares her
She could open her box
Shimmering with sparkle
And radiance just like the
Sorcerer who holds a radiant
Magic globe in his hands
Amazes her little eyes.

A little girl with her little dreams
Within her little world
With her little feet
Was running her little distance
When suddenly a toy caught
The eyes of this little girl.
The toy was gifted by her in-laws
The little hubby-toy was cute and silent
But the real hubby was cruel and adamant
He came yesterday and ate all her chocolates
They fought for the bat which broke at the end.
The little girl was scared to lose more of her chocolates
She slapped her hubby but the hubby didn't cried
"Why? Why?
Cry!! I'm hitting you. I'm slapping you.
Cry!! you bad boy!"
The hubby didn't cried instead just flapped his eyelashes.
"I won't hit you again
Please dont marry me"
The little girl pleaded to the hubby-toy.

P.S. The child marriages are still not completely uprooted from our society. The so called brainy-elders tie two children in the knot without giving a thought to the lousy repercussions. I remember one of my friend was married in his childhood when he even didn't know how to tie his shoe-lace. His father was filled with proud to bring home a daughter-in-law but the boy was sunk in shame and frustration. He no longer played with his fellow friends. All the time he used to hide from their comments teasing him of being a MAN now. He was so perturbed with this new life that he left the school and a bright star doomed. Today none of his friends know of his whereabouts. A few days back I met his father in the city who was blaming his son for bringing him shame. The boy now lives in a village farming his fields. But should he be really blamed??? It was all for the sake of his family's wish that he sacrificed his childhood, his adolescent and now his remaining life.

Another of my friend who aspired to be an army officer was gifted to the altar of child-marriage. Today when I talk to her, she brags of how happy she is in her new home. But do I look stupid enough not to gauge her heart behind her pretence. Again a bright star broke down to just a flashy streak.

There are many more in the list if one takes the account of this social evil. I feel so bad that why are we bound to abide by our family's unseasonable bids??? If it's so mandatory as per our Sanskar then I apologise but What the bullshit!

Do our culture and tradition forbids a child's freedom? Do our holy scripts preach of sending a child to the gallows of a dark destiny?? Such questions and many more have haunted me from the early days of my life but till now I have got no answers. What all I got is just " Compromise", "Respect your culture", "Value your elders", "Render your life for others' sake", " Don't ask for your happiness", "It's your destiny" and such more craps. I feel so helpless when I see my fellow-mates lost in the well of anonymity. But what all a little girl can do with her little toy is share her heart with that little toy which neither listens nor speaks, just flaps his eyes assuring her of someone who cares.

Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi

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  1. A beautiful piece of writing that leaves a powerful message in the end. There is no doubt that child marriage is a social evil that robs millions of girls of their childhood, their rights and their dignity....:-bd

    1. I wish every child enjoys his childhood to the fullest. No custom levies are put on them. Innocence at its best should be allowed to bloom more and more. :)

  2. excellently depicted ! this evil of child marriage has already eaten many young souls and will surely continue to do so if not uprooted!

    1. I'm searching of ways to save the childhood of young guns of our society. I wish I bring them all the fun and craziness they have dug deep in their hearts. 2):)

  3. Hello Surbhi. You are gifted with great emotions.Whether prose or poetry, you marvel in both. Child marriage is a curse on our society.The children, on whom it is imposed are too small to retaliate. The grown ups who forcibly 'sacrifice' their young ones ought to be imprisoned by law.
    Love from Granny

    1. Ahh!!! I'm cock-a-hoop to receive such enthusiastic words from you.:x Yeah!!! May be what you are saying is true, I am more of empathetic rather than sympathetic. I dont trust the slow and tardy Indian Legislature. Before law comes into action, let's vow to save the innocent childhood. And now being a grown-up, I'll not sit back with the toy instead will strangle this evil and I promise you Granny I'll make a difference. Keep blessing me. :-h

  4. the evil of child marriage.. very well expressed.. a wow post..

  5. I am really moved by your article...we humans have lost our sanity and the poem was as impressive as it gets...lovely post...!!!

    1. I'm thankful for your words,Anjan!:)
      The harsh reality moved me years back and this very post reveals that.

  6. Knock Knock!
    Hey, You have just been awarded the "Creative Blogger Award"

    Follow this link for more details.


    1. Hey Dhara!
      Thanks a ton :)
      Kudos to you too =D7

  7. Surbhi Surbhi Surbhi, this was a piece of magic. :O

    1. Viola :-bd
      Seeking the permission from Dumbledore,I learnt that from Hermione 2):)
      Well!!! after some constructive criticism ,appreciation from you means a lot. Thanks for boosting me :)

  8. As usual awesome!! :D An issue superbly portrayed....And whats with the smileys...they appear different to me!!

    1. Thank-you Akash :)
      Yup! I introduced a bunch of smileys to make the comment-section more interactive and pleasing to eyes. :P :-B
      Hope you are enjoying ;) :-c

  9. "I won't hit you again,
    plz don't marry me"
    Wow... Your poem indeed provoked emotions... It's sad that India is still in the cruel clutches of child marriage...
    Poem started jovially then took a grim turn...
    Message is delivered beautifully... =D7


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