Thursday, May 1, 2014

Colorful Mirror

The girl out there
Waved at me
Bright and Galvanic was she
Appeared vapid and tepid me
Waived a Hello at me
I wavered and looked around
Yes You! The specky in blue
You look so blue in Blue.
You look pretty pink in pink, I zapped whew
I put on the color to whole me, bragged she
Not like you who just wrap the color around
Excuse me! Who are you??? I grumbled
Oh Common! Put aside your colorful etiquette
Talk to me straight and loud, rumbled I
Yes! Talk to me loud and clear, she repeated the same
Before could I howl at her, the driver honked high
Seated was I at the back peeping into the rear mirror
I got down, paced ahead cutting the crowd
Welcomed was I after such a long
You look pink in blue.