Tuesday, November 17, 2015

You are still the one - Someone Special !

My Dear Dearest Friend First Love,

I thought you were a closed chapter in the book of my life until your message after two months of college dragged me back to you. Just a simple 'Hi' was more than enough to strike the conversation, or say the trigger to shoot up the suppressed anger and blame each other for breaking up. That night we talked till midnight, hiding under the blankets to veil up the mobile lights which otherwise might have alerted our Moms of something fishy. ;) 

For you, the charming lady, here I confess you were the one whose handwriting is the one I tried to copy. The ornate flowery calligraphy, smooth curves in every alphabet!! Gosh! How do you do that?? 

Wait! What you thought?? I was going to confess something else. Haha!!! I caught you. Well! That I have already confessed before you. So no need to revise it again and again. If you wish to, then tell me, I can do hundred of times, Just for you ;) But don't make me do actual hunDREAD , pity me, Lady ! :P

So, you were all an over story after college. But the armistice or ceasefire proposed by you brought us back on track. The only medium which kept us together was the Watsapp. Sometimes I wonder had it not been there, had you ever come back to me? had we ever talked again? had we ever fought again? had we ever laughed again? Thank-you Watsapp for bringing My Charm back to me :)

But then the job separated us thousand of miles away. The new work life, new friends, new city, new air breathed inside us and the communication gap exhaled with every passing day. Distance became our excuse and infrequent pings became a habit. Gradually we got used to our 'a contact in the list' attitude. Once in a year, we used to miss each other and talked the heart out, of the whole year in one day. For me, that one day was enough. You remember me, that was all for me. 

With the growing age, my memory was fading away. Today I was just browsing my lappy and I accidentally faltered upon a folder. When I stepped inside it, it was storing YOU. So, now you were a part of some archived collection and I just found you. I was all elated to see you. Your angelic smile and my mischievous poses made the picture perfect. I went back to the happy times we enjoyed, we roamed, we ate, we rode, we studied and we cooked :D  How fond we were of each other that we kept each others' photo as wallpapers. Entire college was going crazy at our stupid acts. But we cared for none and ruled the time. :P

Suddenly, my eyes went to the lower-right corner of the screen, and I noticed it was 11:50 pm , 16-11-2015. My brain signaled, enough of smiling to yourself, now smile in dreams. But hey wait! it's 16-11. After 10 minutes, it's going to be 17-11. Ohh Shit! Hell Yeah!!! It's 17. I tried to recollect and yes it was always 17th of November. My brain suggested to crosscheck once over FB. But by the time it was already 11:58 pm. To hell be the verification, let me dial and check it with her only. It's almost 2 years since I have heard her Tweety HELLO. Let me hear it one more time.

Trin Trin
Boom Boom

No Reply

Tiding Tiding
Hoo Hoo

No Reply

Beep Beep

Ting Tong
Hello!! (excited me)
Wish you a Happy Birthday

Thanks, but who is this?

Silence (sad me)
Nidhi??? (Ahh!!! Grrrr!!! She remembers her only.)

Well, time changes voice.
Oh, you! (both laughing)

So, blah blah continued and rest is a happy journey till I post this. This post is dedicated to my version of Aisha from MP3. A very Happy Birthday my dear  love. 

Something never changes
Like you and me
Adamant and Naughty
Cheers to the 7 years of togetherness
Bless you with the best of the blessings
With you, For you, Then, Now and Always

Thank-you Charm for going through this long post. 

Just one last question - 

Which Class ??? 
:D :D :D

Don't forget to meet me under Eiffel before you rush towards your Rohan. I will bring you strong Stilettos. ;) Because you are my Aisha. :D 

P.S. -To all the readers, you must have a different zeal to read this post enticed by the title. Well !!! I didn't made a spoiler alert at the beginning. I Hope you enjoyed the twisty tale :)