Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dream On

What doesn't let you sleep is a Dream 
And what drools you in sleep
is a Dream in sleep
Subtle and elusive it is
The power to fantasize the reality
The realm to experience the diversity.

The ghost-driven bike
Or the roller coaster ride 
The merry-merry sack
Or the scary -scary pack
Ambivalent is a Dream
Happily Sad you become 
to find 'dream-come-true-in-dream'
Or Sadistically Happy you go
to discover 'Thank God! It was just a dream'

Dreaming in a dream is reflexive
But living a dream is volunteered
What are you waiting for my dear
Go on to live the dream you cheer!



  1. Daring to dream means daring to live.....full of inspirations creation yr...nice job:-)

  2. Amazing line..Dreaming in a dream is reflexive
    But living a dream is volunteered:-)


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