Listen to your heart..

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A bright sunny day with my yearning eyes to see her nearly after a week and my heart lost in the past impressions gave me the strength to stand for an hour while waiting for her train.

With headphones plugged in my ears, some music striking the ear drums, my mind was asking my heart “Why ??? why???”

And heart was trying its best to mollify the indignantly stubborn mind.

Mind- “Why did she broke the parapet of trust??”

Heart- “It just seems she has broken. Perhaps she is just checking the endurance of trust??”.

Mind- “What rubbish?? Is this the way to check something so fragile??.

Heart- “If trust is fragile, then make it strong like diamond so that it embellishes your bonding”.

Mind- “ Cease the stream of your gyaan. She has spurned my love, my care for her.”

Heart-“ Who in this world disdains true affection?? It’s just another of your illusion”.

Mind-“People like her are born to hurt, born to mock, born to kick off selfless hearts.”

Heart- “She is good at heart. Give her another chance”.

Mind-“Even a murderer is good at heart. Give her one more chance to hit me. One more chance to aggravate the bruises. Sorry Boss!”.

Heart- “Then why are you here? You are here because you still care for her.”

Mind- Silence… silence.
Heart-“You are here to catch her glimpse. You are here to quench your eyes which missed her from a week. You are here to welcome her. You are here because she is still your best friend.”
Mind- “Grrrrrr… Shut up! I’m here to break off all relations with her. I’m here to never meet her again.”
Heart- (chuckles) “You are here just to meet her again”.

Mind- (getting red with blood seething in anger).

The vendors buzzed at the highest of their pitch to sell their eatables.
Chaiii ! Chaaii ! Kachori ! Samosa!
My heart and mind put a hiatus to the debate as the train reached platform no. 5.

The passengers were stepping in and out. Some were rushing to get a free space for their hereafter journey. Some were grappling with their luggage to get off the board. A hullaballoo all around.
She was nowhere to be seen.
But she was to come today only. I had heard her new roomie talking over the phone while I was stirring the coffee”, my heart worriedly said.
“There she is”, mind said after searching and scanning thousands of faces and luggage.
 She carried here blue bag as usual- her trace mark.  She looked pretty as always. Her tresses were flowing in the gentle breeze with her one hand wrestling with the luggage, while the other adorning the new i-phone.

The model is back. Look how is she walking as if doing catwalk on some ramp”, mind angrily said.
She always carried herself this way only, didn’t she??”,Heart was ready with the answers.

I hid myself behind a zombie man just to elude her vision.

It seems as if you are stalking her”, heart quipped.
“Why would I stalk her?? She is no Middleton”, mind retorted back.

She headed towards the stairs to cross the junction. I appeared behind her and walked coolly as if I’m in some public park. The music was still buzzing but I hardly remember which song the music player was playing.
Just then a goon looking more of a sub-urban followed her closely. She was still treading carefree. The lummox nudged her at the elbow. She just avoided and quickened her steps.
My heart was saying “Yes” but my head was saying “No”.

The boy started whistling.
My heart was saying, “Go help her”.

My mind was saying, “No ! don’t jump in the fire. You too can get burnt. After all you are also a girl”.
The goon started taking the advantage of the hustle-bustle and teased her again, tickled her again.
At this moment, my mind and my heart joined hands and I moved ahead pushing  behind the fish market. Now I was close enough to both of them. The nuisance oaf touched her beautiful hair this time. She cringed and I fumed. I got hold of his very hand and slapped his rough cheek.

Slap! Slap!Slap!

The fish market around us froze. Everyone was looking at three of us.

“Dare not to stalk her again”, I yelled at him.
She turned behind. And looked straight into my eyes but I just stepped down without meeting her for the last time. I was out of the station within a few minutes. I called for an auto. As I sat, way back to my hostel, this time I actually listened to the song playing in my ears.
There are so many temptations in the crazy world today,
And there are so many people tryin' to lead you astray,
Whenever you're confused about all the things you see,
You can't tell a friend from the enemy.
Listen to your heart,
It knows right from wrong,
Let it guide you,
Listen to your heart,
It will make you strong,
Look inside of yourself and listen,
Listen to your heart,
Listen to your heart.

Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi

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  1. Wonderful post surbhi!!
    *Why would you stalk, she is no middleton*- LOL!!:)
    First I thought it was a love story...Then you mentioned it is a 'she' and the situation totally changed...The instant when the heart and mind joined which were fighting previously...that was good to read...:)

    1. Thank-you :)
      Twist is what I love and here I tried to present one :D

  2. I liked the whole story setup and the message conveyed strongly...

    1. Thank-you so much ma'am :)
      I'm glad that my efforts are appreciated by senior bloggers like you. :)

  3. A well defined arguement between frozen brain n affectionate heart. Good job Surbhi.

    1. I'm so elated ma'am that you liked the plot. :)

  4. Absolutely bludgeoned... loved the story throughout... about the indecision of mind and heart...i have written a miniscule short story around 3 years back...constituting heart,brain and soul...!!!

    And the poem is my personal best for this article...because it has emphasized on my thinking as well...listen to your heart...!!!

    1. I'm so happy Anjan.
      The encouraging words keep me going.
      Thank-you :)

  5. I was so excited to read such a conversation between mind and heart... it felt as if my mind and heart were talking... amazing hehe..theres still a smile on my face and i am gonna read it again.. it was such a clever talk and felt real.. :)

    1. I'm all ears to receive such kind words from you, Maverick!
      I'm so pleased that I was able to nest a smile on your face.
      Keep visiting :)

  6. The ending pros were Fabulous...
    "Look inside of yourself and listen,
    Listen to your heart,
    Listen to your heart."
    Enjoyed all the way through... I mind and heart too had a conversation. TY.

    1. You enjoyed the post, that itself has made the post a success :)

  7. wow! wonderful..loved the story around the theme line!! Simply superb!!

    1. I'm all cock-a-hoop to receive your kind words. Thanks a zillion :D


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