Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm lost
You are lost
We both are lost
Lost in the lies
Lost in the faith
Where are we lost??

Lost all the hopes
Lost all the faiths
Lost all the joys
What makes us lost??

Lost the soul
Lost the glow
I lost in some
You lost in another
Unaware of each other
We got lost in our own.

I keep getting ahead,
You never noticed 'm almost dead.
I see my dreams are gone,
You only reply with a yawn.
I get pushed back,
You never noticed the slack.
I get pushed down,
You never noticed my frown.
I fall down and crawl,
You keep walking tall.
I cried in pain,
You didn't notice in vain.

What to tell you my GOD??
I lost you in a plot.

Survive and thrive!!
This was what you told me
I swear I followed it
That's why once I shined
Once I bloomed
Once I flourished
But today I suffocate
Oh!! My LORD!!
Where are you??

Return me my smile,
Which is long viled.
Return me my life,
Just for a while.
Promise me some cheers,
And I promise you a beer.
Promise me a blue,
To which I promise to glue.

It's been so long
Longing for a beacon
I got lost in the dark
Thinking of the stars

Amidst the dark
Rose my sun
Oh!! LORD!! You got it done
A ray of hope
Found the way to my gulf.

You returned my smile,
That had been viled.
You returned my flight,
That had a plight.
You are the one
To whom I bow
You made me glow
Amidst the blow
Thank You LORD
For all I owe.

:-) :-)


  1. nice1 bdw... vry2 touchy...!!!

  2. hmm..words are nested like a piece of shining silk..

    & according to this poem bafna ji..LOLZ..

    your situation seems like a silk-caterpillar which was survived till the end & finally thrived like a bubbly butterfly..

  3. I thnk these r the wrds cmng out directly frm ur hrt....ryt??

  4. stunt!!!! much balanced this time

    let othrs think that words are coming from heart.......... but htese are result of resonance of heart and brain

    good going...

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  6. Mind's' blowing's' yaar!!!
    Itna to bta mintos's',, mujhe tution's' kab se dogi????


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