Monday, December 31, 2012


This is my last post
Of the last day
Of the lengthy year
2012 for all of you
I wish you a safe New year
Just like we wish Happy and safe Diwali
This time the year yearns for the wish of
A secure and Happy new year
Dont surrender before the crooks
I'm sure we cook up a stringent law soon
Till then stay alert, be vigilant and not to forget
Your never-fading smile
A smile for which the world smiles
A smile at which the year smiles
This all smiles are to be smiled by you.
Smile these smiles before the smile smiles out.

:) :) :)

Sunday, December 30, 2012


The big zingy eyes under the black fur mask enraptured Varun. Amongst ten other artists playing "Ramleela", his eyes were fixed on just one character "Jamvant". From tip to toe, Tanya was wrapped in black-hairy dress with the beard mask giving her a manly look. The fulminant ligament stretch of Varun brought Tanya in spotlight. She could mimic the man's voice well. Dramatics was not her cup of tea but she tried to brew a coffee to fit in the place.

Stageplay scene:
 Ram, Laxman, Hanuman, Jamvant and Vanar-sena standing at the sea-shore musing over the present snag of how to cross the sea to check for Sita ji's whereabouts in Ravana's captivity.

The lights get focussed on Jamvant. His (actually her) entire face is masked. Only her big eyes seemed moving with her hands making gestures in symphony with the dialogues. She played fairly at this avocation.

The play-coordinator and the fellow members , all were holding their breath while she enacted. As the curtain fell, the audience applauded with whistles and clapping. And the loudest to be heard was of Varun. He was so enthralled that he tried to stand up raising his hands down until the strain in his leg pitched out his cry.

Tanya rushed from the backstage to hold him in her arms. As she curled round her arms around his waist to help him walk to the car, he softly whispered in her ears, " Thank- you".She gently rose her masked face and fluttered her eyelids saying , " Anything for you Sir!!".

Tanya drove back to their apartment. The whole way none of them uttered a word. The music playing spoke both of their hearts out.
     It's in the silences,
the words you never say
I see it in your eyes,
it always starts the same way
It seems like everyone we know,
is breaking up
Does anybody ever stay in love, anymore?
I promise you,
from the bottom of my heart
I will love you till death do us part
I promise you as a lover and a friend
I will love you like I never love again
With everything I am.

They reached their home in a jiff of 15 minutes. Tanya helped Varun through the lift to their bedroom. He sprawled on the bed and propped his right leg on soft pillows. The wicked night seemed to have caught him added with the saviour performance of Tanya. He started singing .

Don't love me for fun, girl
Let me be the one, girl
Love me for a reason
Let the reason be love.
Tanya was still in the shoes of Jamvant and bited witting ,"Jai Shree Ram ". Varun winked at her. He could no longer wait to sit at a distance from his beloved. He wide opened his arms asking Tanya for a cuddling embrace. Tanya rolled her eyes and spoke from under the mask, " Let me remove this beardy mask."
Varun insisted her to sit in his lap ( just one leg-lap, the right leg was under strain). She felt embarrassed and her cheeks blushed but weren't visible under the mask. She then gently stepped towards him holding the solution in her hand to remove the mask easily and fell in his strong arms. He hugged her more tight and said ," You are my heart."
He let her loose and held her beardy face in his hands.
"What if  you too have a dense thicket like this always??", he cracked.
"Then you will have to crave for an interlocked lip kiss", she blatantly replied.
He looked straight into her eyes. Hastened to remove that beardy mask from her fair face with utmost care. As the mask was being pulled off , the skin was resisting its leave.
"See your skin is kissing the mask", he articulated.
She didn't hollo even a single time. She was in the most caring hands. The mask was being slowly separated from the skin and the beautiful face of Tanya was peeping out. The mask was still half- unplugged but he couldn't resist himself as soft pink lips unveiled from beneath the mask. He pulled her face close to his. She shyly looked down and closed her eyes. Varun caressed her lips moving his fingers over the silhouette of her lips and in no time interlocked his lips with hers.
Both were growing restless. The heat of love had aroused them. A strand of fibre-hair from the half-hanging beard made its way into Varun's mouth. He at once jerked right in the middle of action.
He blurted, " What is it?? ".
Tanya unaware of the strand- trouble passed a questioning look.
"Jamvant ji doesn't allow this", he said raising his brows , pulling out the strand smeared in his saliva.
She gripped the whole scene and laughter gags wafted into the air.
Tanya changed into her nightie. By the time Varun was lost in some deep thought. As Tanya slid into the bed, pensive Varun gently took her hands in his and softly said, " Sorry!!!".
Tanya got shocked and seated in a jump," What happened??".
"From tomorrow onwards I'll shave every evening. That single strand spoiled my whole mood. Now I understand why you always run away when I carry stubble. You never pushed me to get rid of it unlike others' wives. But the red rashes on your delicate face because of my prickly stubble says it all. Why didn't you scold me earlier??" , said the sorry Varun.
She smiled at him and said, " You man are so stubborn that our every suggestion seems an order to you. So I just gave you your time to realize your stubble- trouble".
Varun assured her with his eyes bowing down. Tanya stretched her hand in the side-by drawer and carried out a gift.
"This is for you.", she said in her most kindling tone.
Varun was flabbergasted with this odd-time present. "For me?? Why?? ".
"Just open it", she said.
When he unwrapped the box, he found a Gillete Shaving kit.
"Ahh!! You naughty Menace!!", he turned to her.
She shrugged her shoulders and said with a deceptive smile," The beard -strand  was all a plotted one just to make you realize your bristles spoil the love. I dont like you being a beard buddy."
He was amazed by her witty plan. He put the gift into use and a few moments later went close to her with the clean fragrance , switched off the lamp to interlock her in dark.
PS : This post written by me should be taken as an audacious step to sit under the Eiffel. All characters are fictitious and bear no resemblance to any living or my life. Thank -you BLOGADDA for making me write an extremely out-of-the-blue post.
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Friday, December 28, 2012


नहीं बयां कर पाऊँगी कभी
अपना हाल - ए - दिल तेरे सामने
ये कैसी मुश्किल है, ये कैसी कश्मकश है.

तू ना जान सका मेरे दिल में छुपा राज
कभी ना जान पाएगा मेरी खामोशी का राज
ये कैसी मुश्किल है, ये कैसी कश्मकश है.

रुसवा नहीं हूँ तुझसे, पर अपनी जिंदगानी से
थमा दी किसी के दिल की डोर मेरे हाथो में
ये कैसी मुश्किल है, ये कैसी कश्मकश है.

खता नहीं ये तेरी, मेरी ही लाचारी है
हीरे को ठुकराकर दर- दर की ठोकर खानी है 
ये कैसी मुश्किल है, ये कैसी कश्मकश है.

मै नहीं वो खुशनसीब जिसे तू खुश रख सके
मै वो हूँ जो तुझे कभी खुश कर नही सकती
ये कैसी मुश्किल है, ये कैसी कश्मकश है.

दोस्ती मे प्यार ढूंढती रही तेरी रूह
संसार मे खुद को तलाशती मेरी रूह है 
ये कैसी मुश्किल है, ये कैसी कश्मकश है.

पल-दो-पल की ख़ुशी, जीवन भर का गम
ऐसे नहीं महफूज रह सकते हम
ये कैसी मुश्किल है, ये कैसी कश्मकश है.

पनाह दे ना सकी एक घायल परिंदे को
माफ़ करना ऐ- खुदा इस बेबस बंदी को 
ये कैसी मुश्किल है, ये कैसी कश्मकश है.

टूट जाएँगे कई दिल, थम जाएंगी कई सांसे 
जो ना जोड़ पाई मै एक टूटी हुई ईमारत
ये कैसी मुश्किल है, ये कैसी कश्मकश है.

निकल पड़ी हूँ एक ज्योत जलाने 
छोड़ एक का साथ,दूजो को मिलाने
ये कैसी मुश्किल है, ये कैसी कश्मकश है.

बख्श देना मुझे नादाँ समझकर
नही कर पाई एक दिल की हिमायत
ये कैसी मुश्किल है, ये कैसी कश्मकश है.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


At the starting of this month I received an unexpected nomination for the Liebster Blog Award.

What is the Liebster Blog Award exactly? Leibster is a German word meaning dearest. However, in the context of blog writing, it can also mean favourite. The award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers in acknowledgement of the good articles and posts they have written. In presenting a fellow blogger with the reward, the nominee is encouraging him/her to continue creating interesting and inspiring posts.

Liebster Blog Award is an Award that is given by the blogging community to new upcoming and deserving bloggers who has less readers. And it is also a motivational Award.
I'm very much happy to receive this Award. I thank Kriti Kandhari, author of the blog ‘Expressions Of Heart’ at  for nominating my blog for this Award. I hardly know this person, and I am glad she found my blog suitable enough to grant me this nomination.

There are few rules for receiving and passing on this nomination further.
  1. Kindly thank the person who nominated you and acknoledge him/her by mentioning their blog link for the same.
  2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves
  3. Answer the Questions that the nominator sets for you + create 11 Questions for the people you have nominated
  4. Choose 11 deserving bloggers and link them in your post
  5. Go to their blog and Inform them about this by commenting on one of their posts.
  6. Don't tag back the person who mentioned you.
So here I go.

11 Things About Me

1. I am an avid cakeoholic.
2. I love to colour my dreams with my own colours. 

3. I often laugh for no reason.
4. I love emoticons very much.
5. I try my best to make someone smile everyday.

6. I dont befriend people easily.

7. I hate remebering the dates of historical events.
8. I am a book with a thick yet transparent cover. 
9. I love living in my teens, never growing up.
10. I believe in MAGIC. The Universe conspires to endow you with anything you arduously desire.
11. I want to see people indulged in laugh gags eating chocolates at my grave (me being a good ghost ).

The Answers to my Questionnaire

1.What is that one passion in your life you will do anything for?
The only passion of my life is to make my Mumma-Papa feel at the top of the world when they will be known as Surbhi's Parents.

2. You love writing? Mostly yes…Why writing is so important for you?
Because it is the only way I can express my feelings since I find it hard to voice out myself. So pen comes to my rescue.

3.If life had nothing to offer, what would you create?
I would have baked a chocolate cake dipped in hot choco sauce. Atleast I would have enjoyed eating that only besides the harsh life.

4.Is there any inspiration in your life? (person, thing, event)
My sole inspiration is my Father. I want to be like him in every sphere of my life.

5.As a blogger, what do you look forward to in other blogs?
I look for unheard, endangered, extinguished words which are rare to find in this FB-sick world.

6.Critically, what do you think my blog actually conveys?
Your blog conveys your thoughts finding their way through your words.

7.Describe Love in three words…( no sentences, 3 individual words )
Luxury Utility Vehicle :P :P

8.Do you like first penning down something in your notebook before posting? Reason?
Sometimes, when I don't have a quick access to internet.

9.Describe writing in a sentence?
The stream of words fighting in your mind ,grappling with each other to get honoured by your pen.

10.If you had to give away any one habit of yours for someone, what would it be? (For whom?)
I dont share up easily. I feel I can handle each and everything going wrong but all in vain. And my dear ones have to take the pain of making me speak up.

11.Everyone dreams. Is there any one dream you remember, and would like to make it real someday?
Yes! I'm no different from others. I dream of going to the most coveted institute holding my Daddy's finger. Seems kiddish but it is the way I want to start my dream.

Now here comes my Questionnaire for you :

  1. Describe you in one line?
  2. Why do you Blog?
  3. What is your Aim?
  4. If you have a Super Power what will you do?
  5. One person whom, you want to be with you all your life, why? (not parents, lover, children)
  6. The person whom you miss desperately, why?
  7. Most memorable moment in your life?
  8. Social Networking in your view?
  9. Do you believe in Love at first sight? if no why?
  10. One thing you like to change about yourself?
  11. Your views on my Blog?

Here is  the list of Bloggers who deserves this Award. I don't know you peolpe but your words have become your identity. I am always pleased to read your posts. Keep writing.

1. My heart speaks here through words  -

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4. My Memoirs of Mesmerizing Memories-
5. Writing On the Go -
6. The Junkyard Symphony -
7. A rose is a rose is a rose! -
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10. Delights of the Heart -
11. Speaking My Mind -

Congratulations to all of you!!!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Beneath the giant wheel,
Stood a man in green.
Holding the bright balloons upright,
He blew the piper-pipe. 

Red,Yellow,Green and Blue,
Danced to the music in crew.
Tied with the strings tight,
They glided to left to right.

Merry-making was the Balloon family,
Until a child came to the man-slender.
Choosing the blue balloon,
He drived the balloons into gloom.

Red was the mother,            
Yellow was the father.
Green was the brother,
Of the Balloon Blue.

Green twirled his string,
Around the neck of blue.
Red caressed his head,
And Yellow stared at the child below.

The man disentangled the entangled
Strings of the Green and the Blue.
Moving aside the Red and Yellow,
He pulled out the string of Blue.

The Blue swayed hard,
Against the movement of man's hand.
The wind was still,
The balloons were raging.

Red ,Yellow and Green looked dull,
The man dusted for the gloss.
It was the dust of departure,                                                                          
Reigning the Balloon family.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


The three - year old half naked child with dark colour, filthy body and shabby shirt with just one button to hold up the cloth on his body was roaming in the general compartment of Indian Rail. With his hands spread out to receive something in kind rather than the one-rupee coin, his eyes carried a different gleam while visiting every passenger in the hope of some mercy. I was watching him from the past ten minutes when he appeared from the passage near the toilet and embarked upon his MISSION ROTI.

Begging for the mercy he went to a young man who seemed too busy with his cellphone that I doubt if he had heard his voice behind the music playing in his ears and fingers moving fast on the touchpad. The poor child was accustomed to such apathetic hearts, so he moved forward. He approached a lady carrying about ten- months old baby. The baby was jumping  in his mother's lap to grab the water bottle. And the mother was enjoying tossing the bottle from left to right and right to left. The little boy slyly put his finger in mouth wishing if he too  had such a mother. The lady shook her head beckoning him not to stare but go away. The pauper- boy trudged his feet along with the dirty litters lying on the floor of the train. His malnutritioned body was clearly visible through the tattered shirt he was wearing. He had completed one row juxtaposed with the passengers but was still empty- handed.
Ironical, tens of people can't feed one single child. The poor boy still had hope and moved towards the next row. How much patience such vagabonds carry that amongst the thousands, one will definitely show mercy on them.
In the next row, a young girl almost of his age was munching uncle chips. When she saw the poor boy, she put her hand into the packet and took out two chips. When the boy came near, she gave him the chips. The boy smiled and the greetings came through eyes. But no later the mother of the girl caught hold of her and served her with two loud slaps. The lady shouted at the generous girl while she sobbed. The pauper-boy ran away and watched the show from a distance. He was feeling sorry for the girl and put the two chips in his mouth. It seemed his stomach felt happy after being fed with two crumbs.
When he walked to the third row, a family was having their home-made lunch. As they saw him begging, they shrunk into their seats with the food. The boy held no expressions and turned back. Suddenly another man sitting there called him. The man stood up and reached for his bag lying above him. He took out his lunch-box he carried from home. He opened the lunch-box and gave the only paratha to the boy. Perhaps he had already took his lunch and that last paratha was his leftover. The hungry boy seemed elated as if he had received a kilo of rasgullas. He humbly took the feed and rushed towards the passage. There emerged a few more children and a vagabond-woman carrying a young baby. The boy showed the paratha he earned today to his fellow friends. But suddenly the vagabond-woman snatched the paratha from him. She kept half with herself while distributed the remaining half amongst some odd five children including the boy. The poor boy hardly got a piece to be called paratha rather just a crumb. I was sitting in the fourth row and watched the vagabond- lady eating half of the paratha.
This is an everyday scene in the train, on the roadside. I have seen many beggars earlier too but what typical catched my attention this time?? Was it the little boy who blankly stood near the gate after winning just a crumb of the whole paratha ? or was it the kind girl who was slammed for feeding another child? or was it the man who gave away his leftover to the boy?
Each of us come across such beggars outside our home, while commuting to school or office, while visiting the temple, outside a vanity fair, at the bus stop or at the railway station. But we hardly stop to take a look on them. Though as a child we might have felt pity for these beggars just like the young girl in train but as we grow up, we become accustomed to their terminal miseries which becomes a show for granted. Perhaps this time I looked on that pauper-boy because I was not moving anywhere , neither was I caught up in any work but just watching the show from the fourth row.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Do you wanna go fuse?
Lets get boozed.
Do you wanna noose?
Lets go loose.
Oh Boy! shake with me.
Oh Girl ! move with me.
Lets get lost in the boozed world.
Out from every worry
No need to hurry.
Sit here and cheer with me
Hey! give us a peg wee.
Keep aside your contemporary SANSKAAR
Trying once won't make you LACHAAR.
Not like the maths formulae,
Which needs revision twice a day.
It's like the exam  a day,
Which needs just a shot today.
Common! Booze with me
Just once for me
You will feel glee.

Some events mark their presence annually which urges everyone to go mad into celebration. Be it the birthday or the new year party. Be it the marriage or a chill-out party. Friends who are tagged as the fun-elements sometimes turn out to be so adamant and bossy that they indulge someone decent into their indecent acts.

The aforementioned verse might be the words of your best pal or your dear one trying to convince you to booze just once. But resist the temptation. Abstain yourself from this rich yet poor thing. I read somewhere, "Every cheap thing lures the customers and the three famous 'W' s are the most alluring bait.(Wine, wealth and women)".
Yes! Wine may cost a good bucks but proves cheap for the liver.

The episode of nation- wide acclaimed show, SATYAMEV JAYATE on 1July brought this issue in light. This issue was also raised by a news channel recently. The rising craze of rave parties is setting decoy for youth to get into the booze-trap.

The irony of the hour is the most educated section of society is indulged in such illiterate activities. When deliberately a person axes his foot , who is more stupid than him? Giving the name of one time fun to tipple may turn out to be a life time penalty. The consumption of alcohol not only closes the pores of your skin and your excretory channel but it also abandons your brain.Once consumed the brain asks for more and more until the body forbids to function. This is the tendency of alcohol. It's thirst never quenches and consequently it dries out everything from relations to status, from health to wealth.

Javed Akhtar, famous Indian lyricist, once an alcoholist now abstains from this 'W' since 14 years said on the show, "People call me intellect but if I was really so then why did I take 20 years to elude this disease?"

This is the most serious ill-effect of this wine that it spares no one. The richest may become poor and the wisest may sound insane. Abstain from this evil otherwise it will abstain you from you.

Many of my friends, boys as well as girls are found saying, " Oh! I did it just for fun. I too want to feel how actually my world goes round and round. Moreover I'm not addicted. Be sporty. You too try and run a risk." I go bewilder whether one time shot may turn a newbie into an addicted?? Perhaps No. But the show depicted the case of a well- known journalist who came down to streets just because of this 'W'.

Life is a one time opportunity ,so why to waste even a bit of it trying something offensive and hazardous. The youth should behave sensibly and should shoulder the resposibility of curbing this evil from the society and bring down the growing statistics of accidents because of alcohol consumption. Even your one time act may take life of someone like CURRAN , a 15 years old Delhi school boy who lost his breath because of a 'W'-addicted. Look at his father weeping endlessly lamenting over the loss of his only child. Don't become the reason of anyone's tears cursing you till the death. Understand your role in the society and abide by the moral duties.

I dont find it effective to rely over the laws for ruling out some stringent laws to put a check over your habits. Are you so insane and irresponsible that now you need some law to resist such tipple drinks? Stand up and take a vow to fight against your malefic habit. It will not only replenish your life with innumerable smiles but also will take care of others' smiles.

:) :) :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012


When my dreams come true,
It washes away my blue.
Drenches me wet,
Draining away the vex.
Nests a smile,
For a long long while.
Bearing sweet fruits,
To my sleepless endeavours.
Quenches my thirst,
In this competitive desert.
They say I was destined for it,
But I say my efforts won me my destiny.

"This is how a day dreamer reels."
My castle broke when I stood awoke.
They had striked the chord within me.
Not at all perturbed by the honk,
Instead thankful to their plonk.
'M all geared up with the steel
You will be there to clap for me,
When my dreams will come true,
Dawning the blue upon you.
Was all I said before
I turned around to embrace the best.


Monday, June 18, 2012


The elusive bond  a father and a daughter shares cannot be described in a vignette. The cherubic and inexplicable affection a father holds for his lovely daughter can be read only by the little acts he does persistently to make her feel like the princess. And the darling daughter when stands strong defeating her tears to fortify his repute depicts however gallant her prince may be but still her father is the BRAVEST KING she knows.

God blessed him to bless his own child.
He is sincerely shouldering his responsibility
Since the day she embarked on his huge ship.
Endearing her with the marine comforts,
He has been spending restless nights
And is continuing till tonight.

Standing still at the seashore
Holding the little moppet in his strong arms
He has been struggling through the waves
Pacifying the wild waves to his feet.

Collecting the sea-shells at dawn
Selling them till the dusk
To buy a doll for her doll
Pictures his sea-like endless love for her.

He often goes to measure the boundaries of sea
And she sits behind gazing at the vast sea.
He returns with the precious stones for her little girl
Leaving her shouting in bewilderment.

A day came when a blonde sailor sailed the girl away
Father climbed the highest for her last sight
She looked back sobbingly averring
You are the best sailor, DAD!!!
 :) :) :)

Friday, May 18, 2012


I'm a butterfly.
Pleasance to see,
But hard to get hold of.
Sitting on a flower,
I spread its pollens,
Then leave it to
Scatter others' spores.

One day a flower befriended me nice
I repaid him in a trice.
But then I had to leave after the season.
I begged his pardon,,
Dont frown at me ever
For once I helped you to flourish
Getting you nourished
To open your pretty petals
And bloom through the sepals.

I owe a debt to you
For colouring my wings blue.

Albeit this is the end of we being together,
I bet to remember you forever.
For I have to fly a distance
To spread your fragrance,
Let me spread my wings
With you as my fragrance.

Forgive me for leaving you alone
But I promise to  strew your pollens into every calyx.
The place will have plethora of your replicas,
Standing erect to bloom into floras.
I will flutter sly,
Whenever I will pass by.
Seeing a glimpse of you in each of them,
This is my friendship to you my friend.

:) :) :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012


I believe you believe in me
For  I always tried to follow your set-path.
Can never think of hurting you even a slight
For I can't bear to be a reason for your plight.
Would choose to embrace death
Than to be a reason to your tears.

Your smile mesmerizes me  in the real as well as dreams
So heavenly solace I find in your happiness
That is impossible to find anywhere else.
I promise to give you loads of smiles
At the cost of all Baconian pain
To dunk you in the shower of
Rejoicing happiness till the end
Has become my only aim till my end.

Assisting me from my very first breath
I promise to hold your hand at every breath.
Waking up daily in the wee hours to prepare lunch for me
Running around with the glass of milk
Was your care and love I realize now.
Breaking the stone-hard chapatis in the mess
Yearning hard for the late night coffee at my study-table today,
I miss that one chapati in the casserole left for me
With your words echoing loud in my ears
"Energy is needed to run every machine
So fuel yourself properly."

Giving up your celebrations for my studies,
Collecting every penny for CAMBRIDGE,
Serving me light to combat food-poisoning,
Steaming rice and chilling the curd hours before my arrival,
Are the few things I cherish today and indebted to forever.

Holding my hands to draw "A" once,
Today also you stand beside me to write  my best.
Celebrating my winning together,
Boosting me to outperform the last failure,
Is the best support I always get from you.
Instructing me each time I appear for exams
Wishing me even in the INTERNALS
Was what I felt amused at.
Always praying for my win
I think you sign into a deal with God
Everytime I go to battlefield.
I proudly say today all my accolades are indeed won by you.

The start of my every birthday  morning with your kiss and blessings
Was I missed the most during these four  years.
I wish this year the day becomes special just with your presence.
Buying me a new frilled frock each time
You smiled in your old drape which I hated always.

Now I am a grown-up in my twenties
But still your "6th class girl"
And soon this girl is going to endow you
All the happiness and comfort which you have dreamt of through my eyes.
I am working hard for the D-DAY
When all my plans for your smile will come true
And you will embrace  me calling sweetly " MERA RAJA BETA".


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Monday, March 26, 2012


As the clock ticks 8'o clock in the night, my mind is hit hard by the alarm to take up my daily rendezvous. The legs chase forward, the hands peer backward for cell and headphone,while the torso feels vexed to follow what? the hands? or the legs? and keeps swaying struggling hard with its inertia at rest.
In a trice the whole body assembles and reports to the brain, "Yes Boss! I'am ready to move ahead." I climb upstairs in haste , unlock the door and there I reach, my utopia. the eyelids elegantly flutter upwards followed by the eye-balls. The neck cranes out to reach the most enthralling twinkling constellation THE ORION.

It seems as if the little glitters daily wait for me to start their twinkle show. So we all gather daily on the terrace and a grand show is organised over the vault of heaven. Every night after dinner I love to stroll with these distant yet close friends. It's simply a spell bound period. I'm felling short of words to describe the everyday charisma of this magic.

The verse I learnt in the days of my primary  will become the verse of my teens, I didn't know.
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
How I wonder what you are?
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky.

Yes !! I still wonder what are you Orion?? A meagre collection of the stars or my soothing SF( Silent Friend).When I was a kid, I was told people after dying become a star and everynight they come to wish you. As of now at this stage you may find it ludicrous how stupid thought it was. But I still live with this belief. I thank-you Orion for sheltering my NANU so comfortably. I still feel close to him as if he had never gone away. The bright yellow flames engulfed him yet the darkness gifted him back to me.

The dark opera house spreads its peace and calmness every night.The stars peep out from their windows as if saying HELLO to us, the earthites. The cold breeze wave past the silhouette of the visage flushing away all the weariness, tiredness of the day-long hectic schedule. Ahh!!! this wonderful gift of night pleases me extremely. I eagerly wait everyday for the night to fall, for the Orion to come, For the zephyr to stir away the eeriness of this darkness.

At times I feel God has made a perfect schedule for the earth to spin on its own axis and make us feel the magic of day and night. Often when I have no one to share the stupid laugh at some odd happening of the day, I feel my Orion the best companion to join me and go wild with bonkers. And sometimes when I feel like crying hard because of some lacerated happenings, my Orion lends me his shoulder to weep. I'm lucky to explore this beautiful present of nature. Ecstatic to find a friend who never complains ,just make me realize my mistake by gleaming down, a buddy who lauds at my good work and smile from above, a trustworthy companion who never leaks out my secrets, a true pal who never leaves me alone and always assist me in my pink and greys. Just three words for you Orion to express my gratitude: BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.

When Orion rises, night feigns the brightness of day and folds its dusky wings. :):)

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Reason to live?
Reason to eat?
Reason to play?
Reason to study?
Reason to laugh?
Reason to cry?
Reason to celebrate?
Reason to sleep?
Reason to love?
Reason to fight?
Reason to question?
Reason to answer?
Ahh!!!A reason to a reason makes the reason release that reason.

Infact I was terribly confused when a little girl asked me all the aforesaid reasons to be reasoned. Well!! our brain do the most weirdest thing when it is required the most not to do so. Is finding a reason for each of our actions , reason for our existence, reason for our happiness appreciable? Yet brain appreciates to do the unappreciable many-a-times.

So I asked back the little kid, "Amm.. Tell me what do you like the most??"
she answered candidly.
"Why should I offer you a chocolate?? Give me a reason."
"Because I command you to give me one right now",
ordered the jejune voice.
I chuckled , "What else? I'm not satisfied with this reason."She thought for a while and cutely answered tilting her head left resting the hair over the shoulder,
" Bee-caa-use I always make you smile even just for a while."

I was taken away by her words. Instantly a smile nested over my lips. I groped for the chocolate in my pocket and offered it to the current reason of my smile. She grabbed it and ran away to play with her friends. But she left me contemplating how often do  we need a reson to smile? a reason to stretch our facial muscles to seat the curve cosily?

I was perhaps correct, we humans need a reason to do everything. Until and unless it is demanded our geek professors don't smile, The stubborn landlady feels charged a million bucks for a smile, the shopkeeper finds it tough to sell his smile to his customers paying off. Isn't it disheartening that people search for reasons to make themselves happy. They are seldomly ready to help others but when it comes to themselves then too it seems a herculean task for them. Irony of the hour!!!

Smile is that little word with five alphabets which makes all our five senses vigil simultaneously. 
I myself leave no chance to make others smile and make them join my "HAPPY CLUB". It's said so true - Smile for no reason and gradually it becomes your habit. To live this gifted life to its best is our sole right so why to miss a chance??
 I smile for you
You smile for me
We all smile for us
Making this world
A smiling place to live in.
 :) :) :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012


The delicate newbie
Made the advent
Togged in frilled white
Casted a spell in trice
Peeping through under the pile
Of clothes bloating over her
Took her as immaculate naive
Hankered her as a protagonist
Eclectic rapport sweeped along
Taking both amidst plethora of smiles
Moping the floor daily
Feeding with good tongue
Became the new duo-visage
Sharing all blues and greys
Got fastened through limelight
But the light dispersed up wrong
Instead right for me
Unveiling the wicked face
Behind the fancied pose
Taking away all the best
Leaving behind the crooked worst
Snatching my yesteryear treasure
Plundered me of my never-fading smile
Plighting with a faded flower
Still hoping she will come one night
To return me my me
Wishing not in vain.